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Cerebrum: The Dana Forum on Brain Science

Prezados Amigos,

A revista abaixo pessoalmente faço questão de indicar pois as informações técnicas são muito boas. Tenho me atualizado neste Site da DANA FORUM o que me tem ajudado a compreender os processos de nosso cérebro e as atuais pesquisas sobre ele.

Cerebrum: The Dana Forum on Brain Science
July 2007
Dear Cerebrum Reader,
A new article in Cerebrum's 2007 Web edition is now available.

"Cosmetic Neurology" and the Problem of Pain
By Anjan Chatterjee, M.D.Few people would argue against treating the traumatic psychological effects of war or violence. But what about taking a drug to lessen the pain of our common daily struggles, such as the end of a relationship or anxiety about one’s job? Is this a “cosmetic” enhancement of human life, even a danger to character, or is it an ethical choice? For guidance, the author looks to the history of treating physical pain and argues that, despite growing knowledge of the biological basis for psychological pain, many find it hard to find a consistent principled position when it comes down to specific instances of alleviating human suffering.
Also in CerebrumWe hope you enjoyed our recent articles, “Risks and Rewards of Biologics for the Brain” and “Cerebral Malaria, A Wily Foe.” These and all 1998-2007 articles and book features are available in our Web edition archive.
Coming soon in Cerebrum, understanding how the brain processes music, the discovery of the first mechanism explaining why stress can make us sick, a debate on whether we can find the basis for free will in the brain, and an excerpt from a new book on how your brain maps your body.
Recently released by Dana Press, Cerebrum 2007: Emerging Ideas in Brain Science is a trade paperback anthology of Cerebrum articles with a foreword by Bruce McEwen, Ph.D. The New Scientist called it “stimulating brain fodder.”
On the Dana Web SiteThe Dana Web site is the online home of the Dana Foundation, a philanthropy active in advancing knowledge of brain science, immunology, and arts education. We invite you to visit the newly redesigned Dana site, with additional news and information, new browsing and search tools, and other enhancements. While on the Dana Web site, be sure to read the Dana Press blog.

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