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Resignation, some points to ponder.

I believe that the most delicate moment of the professional relationship is the time when the contractual ties already no longer able to support themselves. The reasons for this outcome are the most diverse possible, however, is always a significant moment.

As with the affective relationship, when things are no longer being supported, and the relationship no longer holds, the moment experienced at that moment always creates a sense of anguish. Especially when it hit this coexistence, with moments of anguish that are generated then.

Our social relations so far have to be mediated by the presence of contracts, agreements, rules, so that we are not harmed while employees and organizations, and not harming others, because we lack actual conditions to live fully the general recommendation that Master Jesus: love one another.

But returning to the rules for good living organization, if there is no longer serving our personal goals, or the organizational environment does not agree with what we think it should be, the better we hung up that contract. Therefore, it is always remember above all that building relationships is our goal in any environment, because we do not live alone.

Looking to give a psychological and emotional touch is worth recalling a point in the text published by Dr. Geraldo Ballone - Psychiatrist:

"The overall mental state with which the person presents and reflects their lives Affectivity. As the spectacle lenses, filters of Affection make the sun is seen more or less brightness, that life outlook optimistic or pessimistic, that the past is revived as a heavy burden, or simply reminding gently. Interfere well actually perceived by each one of us, more precisely, in the presentation that each person in the world, your world. "

With regard to the topic that is the difficulty we all have a good management of our emotions, attitudes of facts such that dismissal is the subject, remember that there are some more or less a year or two was aired in the media an employee to learn that American had been fired has become of extreme anger and simply because of a sharp anger killed his manager. In Brazil there have been a similar case.

For these attitudes the degree of irritability is the main symptom of Explosive Personality Disorder, as quoted by Dr. Geraldo Ballone. He claims that the degree of emotional reactivity is such a high emotional tension and so high that the individual enters a kind of short circuit. He calls these reactions angry or angry outbursts that endanger the lives of people in the environment and the integrity of the property.

Explains Dr. Geraldo Ballone that these individuals hear a word out, and before he has understood its true sense, react explosively, or responding to insults with violence.

Therefore, it is a difficult process for some of us we approach satisfactorily this time of organizational separation. The hardest thing is to feel useless, and despised by those who are their direct managers, these situations are the impressions and perceptions of who is leaving.

The problems and difficulties should always be clear in our mind. As an organizing company requires a careful study to constitute it, to check the pros and cons of its implementation, the more lucid we are in relation to this matter, which is to resign, and if it is hopeless to be avoided can undoubtedly provide ourselves a peace that will be needed after the shutdown, because, aggression and resentment, hurt, will not resolve this context.

If the resignation happen effectively search record their impressions in an appropriate manner during the interview shutdown, because this company has serious item in their HR processes to be taken as a parameter for possible internal improvements. Another issue to be addressed is to remember that every organization should follow strictly the time to effect the shutdown which is the address that is determined by Law no. 7855 of 24.10.89 that made a change in the CLT in Article 477:

The payment of installments in the instrument of termination or receipt of discharge should be made within:

• a) until the first working day after the end of the contract, or

• b) until the tenth day following the date of notification of dismissal, when the absence of notice, the same compensation or waiver of compliance.

With the completion of the shutdown process, schedule to search manage as best as possible the coming months, if they can continue to study and / or updates search professionals do it. What about the family stay strong and program yourself to new experiences.

Fabricio Menezes
CRP 01/11.163

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